South Pines Country Kennels

South Pines Country Kennels

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Puppy Deposit Contract

If you are mailing your deposit, please print out and mail to us with the completed information.  If you are paying via PayPal, we will mail a completed form to you once the deposit has been made.  Thanks!

PayPal address:  [email protected]

** We can also email the contract to you to be printed out.


Deposit / Reservation Form


Name of buyer:________________________________________  Date:_______________________

 Address:____________________________________ City:____________ State:____ Zip:_________

 Telephone:________________________ Email:__________________________________________

 Desired puppy information:

 Letter reserving (if applicable): _______

 * Please complete 1st and 2nd choice.

 1st choice (please circle):

      Sex: MALE / FEMALE   Color: BLUE / RED   Mask: Single Patch / Double Patch

 2nd choice (please circle):

      Sex: MALE / FEMALE   Color: BLUE / RED   Mask: Single Patch / Double Patch


 Holding deposits are $100.  Personal checks are only accepted for holding deposits (provided we have at least 2 weeks for the check to clear before you pick up your puppy).  Personal checks are not accepted at time of pick-up.  We only accept cash or you can pay via PayPal (please send as “goods – other”).  Our PayPal address is [email protected].  Personal checks should be made payable to Teddy Odom.  *Deposits are non-refundable.  If 1st choice is not available at time of pick-up for any reason, deposit will be transferred to 2nd choice.  Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any additional questions either via telephone or email.  Thank you!

  (To be completed by breeder – a signed copy will be returned to you)

 Deposit of $_______ paid on _______________.  Balance of $_______ due at time of pick-up.

 Deposit made in the form of:  CASH / MONEY ORDER / PAYPAL / CHECK #________

 Puppy reserved: #________  Sire:_____________________  Dam:______________________

 Date of birth:_______________________ Date available for pick-up:_____________________

Signature of seller:_______________________________________ Date:__________________